Undressed: 350 years of underwear in fashion – inspiration overload!

Of course any exhibition is inspiring.  Small details, intricate work, connections through the time to all those seamstresses making beautiful garments…..

“Undressed: 350 years of underwear in fashion” was not an exception! So many amazing details, so many fine examples of meticulous work and so much love that went into the garments that were only seen by the close family….

Delicate details of a pair of love birds on a crêpe de chine nightdress
V&A Museum - Nightdress France mid-1930s
Exquisite silk satin appliqué on a silk negligee
V&A Museum - Negligee France 1932
Impeccable hand decoration on a cotton corset from 1820s Britain
V&A Museum - Cotton Corset Britain 1820 I’m off to sketch the next collection! Don’t be surprised if some 100 or even 200 year old ideas will be re-interpreted again :-)

All photos are  Copyright: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
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