Elephant “hunt”

Melbourne is one of those cities where things are happening!  (and I’m lucky to live in this wonderful place :-) )

Yesterday I was in the city centre and went elephant hunting. These are the elephants I caught on my camera:

Ranee - golden elephant

Gillian Forbes - Ranee

Lotus - blue elephant

Kelly Spencer - Lotus

Endangered Asia elephant

Kelly Just - Endangered Asia

Mali - protector of all animals

Deborah Halpern - Mali, Protector of all animals

City in Mali

Ralf Kempken - City in Mali

Apparently there are 50(!) models of the famous elephant calf, Mali have been painted by a variety of artists and are now on display around Melbourne to help celebrate Melbourne Zoo’s 150th Anniversary. I’m planning to “hunt” them all :-)

It was interesting to see the reaction of other people. Lots of people were taking photos, a lot of conversations were started, lots of queues were spontaneously created as people would notice an elephant!

For more information, visit the Melbourne Zoo web site. They have a map with elephant locations.

Have you caught an elephant lately? ;-)

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