Elephant hunt – Saturday 25/08

It was a sunny winter’s day in Melbourne. Andrew and I were walking from the Paris end of Collins Street to Roule Galette on Rebecca Walk on our way to celebrate 3 birthdays (including mine). Winter is almost over and the sun warmed our backs.  A lazy, unrushed walk and elephant hunting. What could be better?

Here is who we hunted…

Mali turns the City Pink

Graeme Base - Night and Day

David Bromley - Bromley One

Mini Goss - Wooly Mali

Look at the texture!Wooly Mali texture

Janie Fearon - Jimbo

Sally Heinrich - Humanageric

Pippa Makgill - Spooky Possum Mali

Mali the Elephant - Self-portrait

Steve Monk - Kevin Presley

Andy Murphy - Tiger Mali


” Hunting” started here
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